About the Director

DALLAS KING – Director, Writer, Producer, Philanthropist

Dallas King was born in Riverside California. Like a gypsy, he moved 12 times growing up and was virtually raised in 7 different cities from Los Angeles to San Angelo, Texas. Dallas spent 7 years involved in the music industry as a producer of national and international tours. Adding to his exposure, Dallas embarked on several personal trips circling the world 2 times, and touring 66 countries to date. His travels sparked his passion as a screen writer, which evolved to film producing and directing.

Dallas has written, produced, and directed 3 short, high concept films: DIABLO, LITTLE SOLDIER, CLOSE, and a TV pilot EVOLUTION. These films have earned Dallas a reputation for pulling off awe-inspiring projects for low budgets. These films earned Dallas the 2010 Motion Picture Association of America Award, the Four Sisters Award for Directing, and the Michael Minor and Robert Green Award for Directing.

As a busy filmmaker, Dallas always finds time to give back. He currently volunteers with the Los Angeles Education Project (LAEP) and Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) of Los Angeles and gives personal tours of UCLA Film School to 9th grade inner city students of Los Angeles. Additionally, Dallas donates his time in collaboration with ARC Talent Management and SBC P.R.I.M.E. for “Big Kids Care”. The Big Kids Care fundraising program educates the public on the problems At-Risk Youth face in society today. Dallas is also one of the founders and board members of IEntertain, a non-proft organization focused on providing scholarships in arts and entertainment.

Currently, Dallas is in pre-production of a gritty crime and gang film TATTOO, set to take place in East Los Angeles. Principal photography starts December 2010. Dallas is also planning for the premiere of his film, Little Soldier scheduled to take place at the prestigious Writer's Guild Theater in Beverly Hills, California. Dallas resides in Los Angeles.

Tattoo (2010)
Close (2010)
Little Soldier (2010)
Diablo (2009)
Evolution (2009)

Website: www.onyxenter.com

Director Dallas King and Little Soldier star Gabreon Womack interview with "The Seven Sees".