Little Daniel sleeps soundly in his room. Light and movement comes from the closet door as it slowly opens up to reveal an unthinkable image of a Troll. The closet Troll passes Daniel's little soldiers, as they briefly come alive to fight the Troll. Victorious, the Troll reaches Daniel's bed, uncovering his little feet and tickles him making Daniel wet the bed.


The next morning, Daniel's Military Dad (Tony), shows up from a long night of work and discovers a mess in the room, and that his son has once again wet the bed. Frustrated, he locks up Daniel's little soldiers before leaving. Daniel is able to sneak one little soldier, his favorite one, CAP, which looks like his father.


At Night, Tony walks in to warn Daniel to not wet the bed again or he's taking him to the doctor. Desperate, Daniel checks the closet before bed, and grabs his favorite little soldier, Cap, and begs Cap to come alive and defeat the Troll. That same night while Daniel is sound asleep we find Cap, who is played by Tony, alive and breaking open the toy box for his fellow little soldiers to help him. They prepare for battle and set explosives, trip wires made from a slinky, and barricades made of giant dominoes. Later that night, the closet door opens revealing the invincible one-eyed Troll that is made up from items found in the closet. The little soldiers fire their guns, and set the explosives off, sending the Troll over the tripwire and making him fall. Victory is snatched away, as the Troll comes back alive, swats Cap and others, and starts stomping on the little soldier. Cap wakes up from being knocked out, struggles to his feat, and grabs the giant butter-knife. Seconds away from the Troll, Cap ties the metallic slinky to the end of the butter-knife and sticks it into the light socket, sending electricity through the slinky that is wrapped around the Troll.


Next morning, Tony walks into a terrible disaster and a deflated Troll. Furious, Tony checks to see if his son has wet the bed, only to find that he hasn't. Overjoyed, Tony hugs his son, and apologizes for being upset as he playfully tickles Daniel. At ground level, we find Cap face down, but looks up with a smile at Tony and Daniel happy again.