Little Soldier, written and directed by Dallas King, is a short film about a young boy named Daniel, who struggles to get past his problem of wetting the bed. Only Daniel's belief in his toys coming alive to fight the monster in the closet responsible for the bed wetting will restore the love between a father and a son.


Note from the Director

Little Soldier was shot as a short film to be expanded into a feature film concept. It is an imaginative film that answers the age old question of why as children we wet the bed, and suddenly one day we just stop. At its core, Little Soldier is about the relationship between a father and son and how the lack of communication, frustration, and lack of belief feed into a child’s fear that comes to life out of the closet.

I wanted Little Soldier to be a cinematic fairytale. One that would take audiences into the world of a kid’s imagination and have you truly believe that our fears can come alive while we sleep. Those fears would be physically symbolized by the closet troll. Made up of simple trinkets in any child’s closet, the closet troll needed to be original and authentic as to keep audiences in the imaginary world of what happens when a child has nightmares. The biggest challenge was constructing a real life gigantic set for real actors to play the little toy soldiers that fight the closet troll. With the use of green-screen and a lot of pre-planning we were able to convincingly merge the colossal closet troll and miniature toy soldiers in one realm. In short, Little Soldier is a family film that is heart-felt, awe-inspiring, and truly magical.

Directing, writing, and producing Little Soldier was an amazing journey for the cast, crew and myself. This is only the beginning of a much bigger vision of producing Little Soldier into a feature length film. I hope you enjoy watching this film as much as we did in creating it.